Welcome St Louis City SC Fans

This is the written companion to the Soccer Capitol podcast that will be debuting soon everywhere you normally get your podcasts.

We will be commenting mainly about the MLS franchise St. Louis City Soccer Club, but we refuse to be limited and will mention any notable events or information about all of MLS, USMNT, USWNT, global soccer and the business of sport.

Our aim is to be informative and entertaining while not bogging ourselves down with deep tactical analysis – there are plenty of other folks out there in the soccer media who quite capably fill that space.

We are as eager as anyone for STL City SC to begin competing in MLS, but alas it is still a fair bit into the future for that. But soon news of a head coach, the stadium being finalized, and a few (hopefully) exciting signings of players. Once the wheels really start rolling for the team, we will get moving along with them as well.

Watch this space and follow @SoccerCapitol on twitter in the meantime.

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